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When we think of energy and power we usually think of electricity and gasoline. Yet we don’t always stop to consider our natural resources: the sun for solar energy, the local weather for wind-based energy, and the power of running water and fresh rainwater. All these forms of natural resources are renewable resources- they are constantly available and accessible. This article examines some of the most common forms of renewable energy that can be used to make our neighborhoodsΒ more sustainable and environmentally friendly!Β 

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πŸ‰ The Great Green Wall of China πŸ‰

This article discusses how in the Gobi Desert of China, desertification and overgrazing have created a vicious cycle that is slowly swallowing up valuable and arable grasslands bordering the region. In response to the crisis the Chinese government has ordered the construction of a large man-made Forest to prevent further erosion and land damage.

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