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Written By Zach Champ (zach@shatteredglassstudios.com)


Everyone could use a little extra cash in their lives. We all have bills to pay and things we wish we could have, but if only we had more money! Well, the only way to earn money is to be proactive and DO SOMETHING. Perhaps one of the best ways to generate side income is by learning how to do a side hustle. Just what exactly makes a side hustle? It all has to do with offering a product, skill, or service that is in demand. We all have inner talents that may not necessarily be utilized. Finding a way to bring those talents to light will bring profit and success!

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A more technical term for side hustles is a so-called cottage industry. This is a concept that takes the idea of working from home and maximizes it to a full-out operation where a person can consistently produce income from their living residence and without having to work elsewhere or for someone else. If you have your own residence, you have your own office! The idea of the cottage industry is that you use your spare time and your living space to do meaningful activities that allow you to create a product or provide a service that you can gain compensation from.

There are so many hobbies and crafts you can do at home that can help provide you a meaningful side income! Here are Hoodie Goodies favorite five side hustles!


  1. Soap Game:

Soapmaking is one of the world’s oldest skill-crafts, and perhaps one of the most important and essential! The secrets of soapmaking have allowed us to enhance our personal hygiene and cleanliness and help expand life by preventing disease and sickness! There are so many ways to create beautiful artisanal soap, and soapmaking is one of the most enjoyable hobbies to pick up. Perhaps the most enjoyed and easily profitable types of soap are fragrant and medicinal soaps. These products can be easily sold at local farmer’s market, online, and through local stores, especially if they smell good! Everyone loves a soap bar that has a pleasant aroma. There are several other skill-crafts that relate to soapmaking and can help enhance your creations. This includes aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

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Check out www.americangypsyherbalist.com for more information on herbal medicine and aromatherapy!!

  1. T-Shirt Game:

Custom designed clothing is always popular, especially in the city. If you are a talented artist and have an eye for design you should consider making your own custom T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Sneakers! Anything with a unique quality design will sell in Washington D.C as long as it is visually appealing. Making your own clothing at home is easier then it sounds! There are several ways to get started with making your own T-Shirts as a side hustle.

The easiest way to start making your own T-Shirts at home is by using iron-on transfer paper. This is a special type of paper that allows you to transfer images onto a material such as shirts, pillowcases, cotton bags, and the like. Iron-on transfer paper is easily found at hobby craft stores and allows you to make custom designs and print/transfer them onto T-shirts of your choosing. You simply apply the transfer paper and apply a heated iron down for several seconds, slowly and smoothly ironing the image onto the shirt.

If you got more money or resources to spare you can make even more bold and daring designs by using a process known as screen printing. Screen printing relies on the use of a mesh screen to transfer ink onto a surface. Screen printing is a great option for an artist who has a small amount of capital to initially invest for the purchasing this equipment. Screen printing is great for an artist trying to make more complicated designs in volume. Like any side hustle, start small and work your way up developing your skill, you don’t want to buy a bunch of expensive equipment before you are ready to fully utilize it!

A huge trend currently in t-shirt making is live printing at events! A lot of designers when they attend events will set up a small printing station and create shirts live in front of guests, visitors, and customers. This kind of interaction allows the customer to see the process that goes into play to create their custom and unique designs! It also allows the customer the opportunity to get involved directly in the creation of the t-shirt or hoodie, which adds an additional value to the transaction.

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Photo Courtesy of National Ink and Stitch - Travis Cannon 

  1. Baked Goods Game:

If you are creative AND love food, learning how to bake may be just for you! Baking is a great skill or activity for any person to learn and allows you to create delicious and appetizing snacks. Baking is even suggested to be a positive activity for improving mood and mental health. It allows us to spread joy and love to other people’s lives through the power of homemade delicious treats!

If you love to bake, then try doing the old-fashioned bake sale as a side hustle! People love to eat delicious baked snacks and goods, and you can easily create these products and sell them on the street, at local farmer’s markets, and even through direct sales and consignment at local bakeries and delicatessens! There’re so many different varieties of baked goods you can sell including cookies, cupcakes, muffins, pies, cakes, homemade bread, and so much more!

If you live in Washington D.C you can always take things to the next level by doing Cannabis edibles, which are always popular in the District! Check out our Cannabusiness Blog on Hoodie Goodies for articles and videos on making cannabis edibles!   

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  1. Jewelry, Charms, and Beads Game:

There’s nothing more eye-catching and engaging than a wonderfully crafted piece of jewelry. Jewelry has the ability to captivate us and entrance us, especially when it’s made out of unique material or is of a high craftsmanship. There are several talented artisans within the DMV that specialize in making beautiful jewelry. You can join their ranks! Jewelry making is one of the most fun and creative side hustles you can do with your spare time. Probably the easiest beginner project would be working with beads. There are several businesses in the District that provide amazing workshops and classes on jewelry making. Perhaps the best place to learn is JewelryClassDC whose business information is linked below.

For those looking for jewelry making supplies in the District, you can find great supplies and resources at stores like:

  • Artist and Craftsmen Supply in Washington D.C
    1201-1203 Brentwood Rd NE, Washington D.C 20018

  • Blick Art Materials in Washington D.C
    1250 I St. NW, Washington D.C 20005

  • JewelryClassDC in Washington D.C
    1502 Massachusetts Ave SE, Washington D.C 20003

  • Michaels in Washington D.C
    5252 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington D.C 20015

  • S & A Beads in Washington D.C
    235 Carroll St NW, Washington D.C 20012

Making jewelry is a satisfying and fulfilling hobby that can allow you to create beautiful gifts that friends and family will love and appreciate! Not only that, jewelry is often worn daily, so if you make jewelry and folks love it they end up becoming de facto promoters and advertisers for your craft! Jewelry making can be a great springboard into other more advanced crafts such as blacksmithing, silversmithing, and goldsmithing.  

American Gypsy Herbalist- CU+ Wear Copper Custom Made Jewelry! Locally made copper jewelry, Appalachian mountains, creating your own jewelry

Photo courtesy of CU+ Wear Copper and American Gypsy Herbalist 

  1. Weaving Game

Weaving is one of the oldest skilled crafts in collective human culture. Today we marvel at the handiwork of some of the most beautiful and prized ancient clothes and linens we have in our possession in museums around the world. Even today quality made clothing, linens, and cloth is highly appreciated! People will pay for locally made or homemade beanies, scarfs, quilts, and blankets! These items have significant spiritual and nostalgic value for customers who usually make items like this pass down from generation to generation (think of your baby blanket your grandma might have made for you!) 

Activities like sewing, quilting, crochet, and other forms of weaving are great hobbies that can easily be done while relaxing at home watching Netflix or socializing with friends. Getting started with a weaving craft is cheap and affordable, and all the supplies can usually be bought at a local Walmart or craft hobby store like Jo Anne’s. Once you get started, you may find it hard to stop! With so many different colors, designs, and styles of cloth and yarn available, weaving can be a great way to make beautiful products for loved ones that also allow you to creatively express yourself! You will certainly be the most popular family member during Christmas time!

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Farmer’s Market:

Participating in local farmer’s markets allows you to sell your goods on a consistent basis at a location where there will be guaranteed customers. Farmer’s markets are fun and interactive shopping experiences for locals. Tabling at a local farmers market lets you engage directly with your customers, allowing you to create relationships and to network. 

            The key is to set up a nice table with a visually appealing table spread. Invest in a tablecloth with a logo or nice embroidery or whatever and drape it over the table. Try and package your products in graphic baggies or with nice labeling. Some products require certain information on the labels, especially if they are edible, medicinal, or hygiene products. Even though this is a side hustle or a home business, do your best to present your product as professionally as possible.

D.C Farmer's Market

Social Media:

The importance of social media in today’s society cannot be understated. We utilize social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram daily to communicate with friends, stay informed, entertain ourselves, and to shop online. Social media can be a great tool for promoting your side hustle and helping you to start earning money! Advertise your side hustle on social media, create fliers with lots of graphics and visuals, talk to your friends about your side hustle and ask them to send referrals. The more energy you put into promoting your side hustle, the more you will get out of it in terms of compensation and reward. 


Food Cart or Food Stand:

If you are a good cook or have the hook up on the most popular snacks… If you are the person with all the munchies in your kitchen cupboard, then you might be interested in this side hustle opportunity! People are always willing to pay for a convenient and quick bite to eat. If you don’t necessarily have the resources or funding to start your own restaurant you can always do the next best thing: create a food cart or food stand! Creating a smartly designed and visually appealing food stand, and posting up in high foot traffic areas can allow you to capitalize off your inner cooking skills.  

            If you are planning on doing a food cart or food stand you may need to look into local laws and regulations. Some jurisdictions require business or food preparation licenses as well as food truck permits, even to set up a small food stand. These are not difficult to obtain, you just need to plan ahead and do research to ensure success! For more local information on setting up a food cart or food stand can be found here:


Participating in events either as a vendor or by doing a service such as a workshop is a great way to earn side revenues. Finding events can be difficult, but if you know where to look you will find out there is always something going on in the DMV! In order to find great events to participate in, you need to understand what niche your side hustle fits into, and find organizations or groups that are associated with that niche. Trade groups or community organizations often post calendars on their websites which list upcoming workshops, classes, seminars, and conferences. Attending events like this, whether as a vendor or guest can help inspire and encourage momentum for your side hustle! It can allow you an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and can even connect you with more experienced and seasoned skilled individuals that do the same side hustle as you. If you are looking for more information on events in the D.C area these websites below can be very helpful!

Consignment Online and In Stores:

A lot of stores will consign items made by local artisans. Consignment is basically when a store sells your product for you from their location. Consignment is a great way to get exposure for your brand and products! Hoodie Goodies offers a Create and Consign program where we offer a competitive 60/40 consignment rate for all locally made goods! With the Hoodie Goodies Create and Consign program we sell your locally made products on our website as well as promote it with custom blogs and articles designed to bring exposure and awareness. For more information on our consignment program go to our Create and Consign page located here:    

Other websites you can consign your custom-made products include:  

Being Consistent Everyday and Always Providing Your Product or Service:

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to always be consistent in providing your product or service and to give it your best every day. With side hustles you have to actively look for opportunity, it won’t just come to you. You have to always keep your mind open for potential business moves even when you are out in public just socializing in line for the movies, or grabbing lunch with a date. The energy you put into your side hustle is what you will get out of it. Keeping a positive mindset, and staying determined and persistent through all challenges will allow you to profit greatly in the long run! 

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We here at Hoodie Goodies believe in you! Keep chasing your dreams and passions! We are HERE to help! 

Hoodie Goodies- NEVER GIVE UP! 

Tell us what your favorite side hustle is in the comments below! If you have any questions we will be glad to point you in the right direction! Together we can achieve ANYTHING. 

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